Automotive News’ Power Training Series is holding an interesting webinar in August. It’s called “Hacking the Millennial: Sales to Service Conversion. I love the word “hacking” because it implies that anything can be decoded, and as a business owner, trying to understand how this generation thinks can be the key to new profit centers.

The good news is, you don’t have to be an app developer or turn your dealership into a Pokemon gym! Despite the attention paid to the online world, human beings—regardless of age—will still respond to a positive customer service experience.

When my team and I sat down to develop AAC, the same three principles that the webinar will cover were at the foundation of our conversation.

  • What would it be?
  • How would AAC help dealers enhance service to customers?
  • Third, of course, was Delivery

The most important thing we talked about was building a recurring revenue model for the dealership. In other words, a customer buys a car, and comes back for service until they are ready to buy their next car from the same dealership.

Our solution needed to be presentable on anything with a screen. (This is the millennial appeal!) Our goal is that all of these together create an environment where this new generation feels welcomed. But they need more than that. Millennials have a very specific world view, and we needed to make sure that they feel like an AAC-equipped dealership fits into their world. That kind of connection will really build business.

AAC creates the ability for all departments to be on the same page, sharing information and mimicking the same service experience for the customer.

We feel like we’ve accomplished our goals, and we’ll continue to evolve AAC to be sure it engages all types of customers at the highest level. If you haven’t considered AAC yet, we hope you’ll give it a try. But at the very least, if you want to attract millennials, make sure you have WiFi in your waiting rooms!

Tom Waitzman