Deliver a personalized driving experience.

Vehicle ownership is an expression of freedom; so is being able to make that vehicle an expression of your customers’ tastes and preferences. Customers are most excited about this opportunity when they are immersed in the purchase process.

Yet, many customers drive off the lot after purchase and take your potential profits down the street to the local aftermarket customizer. Ask them why, and the answers will more than likely be that they weren’t aware of the dealership’s product availability, or they assumed the dealership skill level wasn’t proficient enough to do the work.

AAC solves that problem so that your dealership is part of the personalization experience and you keep more of your accessory profits in house. Our solution features a powerful presentation tool and robust accessory configurator to help your customers see the style, safety and convenience benefits of your accessory offerings. In addition, all of your service and parts capabilities are featured so that your dealership becomes their long-term, prime destination for repairs and maintenance.

AAC also empowers your sales effort with a single interface that is accessible by sales, parts, service and management to ensure everyone is on the same page. The store-wide goal of delivering a personalized driving experience improves customer satisfaction while increasing F&I penetration and building lasting customer relationships.

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